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Help your dog to keep cool this summer

Posted 19/07/2021

The sunshine has a way of putting people in a better mood. However, whilst you’re enjoying soaking up the warm weather, your dog probably won’t be enjoying the heat quite so much.

Unfortunately, dogs are much more sensitive to the heat than what humans are. This is because unlike us, they cannot sweat out excess heat; instead, they pant.

Have a read of our advice to help you keep them cool this summer:

1. When to walk your dog on a hot day:

If it’s cool enough, walk them early in the morning or late at night to avoid the hottest parts of the day. If it’s too hot, then missing a walk can be better than risking the heat.

2. Keep your their water bowl topped up:

Make sure they have plenty of clean, fresh water to drink at all times.

3. Offer shade at all times:

Make sure they have constant access to a cool, shady place throughout the day. They should not be left out in direct sunlight without a spot they can go to cool down.

4. Foods to cool your dog down:

Why not try freezing their favourite Naturediet wet food inside a Kong or a puzzle feeder as a refreshing, cool snack. Remember that they should always be supervised with one of these.

5. Don’t leave dogs in hot cars:

Where possible, do not take them in the car, and never leave them in a hot car! A car can reach extreme temperatures, even when left in the shade or when protected with a sun visor/sun screen, so it’s better to not risk it!

6. Leave them to rest:

Do not try and encourage playtime in the heat. Although games are fun, fetch, tug of war and other games can wait until later. 

7. Help your dog to cool down:

Get out a shallow tray or small paddling pool and put a little cool water in for them to paddle in, this can be a fun and effective way to help them cool down. Remember to make sure your dog is supervised at all times though. 

8. A healthy snack:

Chilled carrot can make a tasty, refreshing and low-calorie snack. Make sure to supervise them when eating and that snacks make up no more than 10% of their daily intake.

9. Find a cool room:

Make sure if they are in the house, to keep it ventilated and cool. Some rooms, especially conservatories, can get exceptionally hot so make sure they can move if they need to. 

10. Are some breeds more prone to feeling the heat?

If your dog struggles to regulate their temperature- perhaps they are a flat-faced breed like a Pug, or a thick coated breed like a Samoyed, then extra care must be taken to ensure they stay cool on hot days.


Remember to enjoy the sunny weather, but most importantly to help them to cope it in too. If you do have any concerns about your dog overheating, always contact your vet in the first instance.