General Questions

Where is Naturediet manufactured?

All Naturediet products are manufactured in the UK using ingredients sourced from the UK, which helps minimise the supply chain that in turn has a positive effect on the carbon foot print of the product.

How do you test the Naturediet products?

Naturediet products are manufactured from ingredients which go through stringent quality checks by our quality department before they are used in our products. We are inspected every 6 months by AVHLA (formerly DEFRA) who audit our quality procedures and materials intake. Once the ingredients are approved for use, further quality checks are carried out during each step of the production process right up until the final stage of cooking and packaging.

After production, the finished boxed goods are passed to our quality assurance department who review all the packaging and the contents including consistency, moisture levels and appearance. From a palatability point of view, all products are fed to our own staff Naturediet dogs. When we carry out new product developments, our staff dogs have the first taste!

We do not carry out any laboratory testing on animals as is common practice with other manufacturers.

Is your packaging recyclable?

The answer is yes and no. Although our wet food packs are made from special recyclable polypropylene and other materials to maintain freshness in our meals, not all authorities will take them in your recycle bin so you will need to check with your local council.

All our dry food bags, treat bags and boxes are completely recyclable.

Why do you not put Naturediet in a tin?

The sterilisation process for both tins and containers such as the Naturediet cartons are the same. We however, prefer to use containers since they are not as deep as the diameter of a can and thus the cooking time can be less.

The packaging used by Naturediet is easy to store, environmentally friendly and is so unique that it now has its own patent. The empty packs can be stacked into one another for ease of disposal. The packaging has a special barrier film within the layers, which prevents oxygen and organisms gaining entry, keeping the product sterile.

How do I store Naturediet?

Unopened Naturediet packs of wet food need only to be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. The special packaging protects the contents and the nutrient values are guaranteed for 15 months from date of manufacture.

Once opened, any unused product should be covered and refrigerated and used within 2 days. Portions may be frozen to prevent wastage but please be sure to defrost thoroughly before feeding. As with other foods, freezing can result in a slight change to consistency, generally losing its firmness on defrosting, though this should not affect palatability.

Dry food, as the name suggestions is dry and therefore once opened is suitable to store again in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight but does not need to be refrigerated after opening.