General Questions

Find out about our manufacturing procedures, our super special packaging and what makes us different.

Where is Naturediet made?

We make our wholesome, natural dog food at our factory in rural Norfolk. We’ve been producing our tasty meals since 1976 and have a dedicated team of experts who make sure we manufacture to a very high standard. We source all our ingredients from the UK and where possible from local farmers. In fact, over 40% of our ingredients are sourced from suppliers in Norfolk & Suffolk.

As an ethical company we always try to minimise our supply chain so that less road miles are incurred and we’re doing our bit to reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

What makes Feel Good and Purely a premium food?

In all of the Naturediet recipes we only use the best ingredients possible. All are sourced from the UK and are human grade quality. We do not use chemicals, artificial preservatives, colourants or flavourings. All our ranges have a high, pure meat or fish content and all are freshly prepared.
We are honest and care about what goes into our foods. We don’t use broth or stock to boost our protein levels, nor do we use fillers or bulking agents. All our meals are complete, which means we have added all the essential vitamins and minerals that a dog requires for a healthy balanced diet. 

Our gentle cooking process retains nutrients and the delicious taste.

​How do you test Naturediet products?

Naturediet products are manufactured from ingredients which go through stringent quality checks by our quality control department before they are used in our products.
We are inspected annually by AVHLA (formerly DEFRA) who audit our quality procedures and materials. Once our ingredients are approved for use, further quality checks are carried out during each step of the production process - right up until the final stage of steam cooking and packaging.
After production, the finished food is passed to our quality assurance team who review the product and its contents to check for a high standard of consistency, moisture levels and appearance.
From a palatability point of view, all products are fed to our family of Naturediet dogs. Our staff dogs always get the first taste of any new product developments!

We do not carry out any laboratory testing on animals.

How do you preserve Naturediet?

Naturediet foods are completely natural and we don’t use any nasty artificial ingredients or preservatives in our recipes.

Why did Naturediet change to Tetra Pak®?

We listened to customer feedback and needed to make changes to our existing plastic trays.
We wanted to revolutionise our packaging and felt that Tetra Pak® addressed issues such as difficult to open packs, damage caused during delivery and global concern for recyclability and environmental impact of single use plastics.


Why is there a difference in price?

Our new packaging range is priced at a slightly higher RRP than our plastic trays. Over the last 5 years, Naturediet Pet Foods have not increased our pricing in line with increased production and raw material costs, however, it is no longer feasible for us to absorb these costs and this has resulted in a price increase across the new packaging range.
We appreciate that this is a point of concern for our customers who have also received a generous discount online, making the increase seem even greater. This is not a decision that has been taken lightly by the business, but unfortunately one that had to be implemented to ensure we can continue to manufacture to the same quality, without compromising on ingredients and our hypoallergenic recipes.

What are the benefits of Tetra Pak® packaging?

Tetra Pak® is lightweight, super sturdy and strong. It is easy to open, serve, wash, squash and recycle.  The packs still contain 390g of food, but they are smaller and more compact meaning that they are easier to stack and store.
The new packaging allows for a gentler cooking process to retain the goodness and Tetra Pak® keeps the food inside fresher and minimises oxidation of meat. Tetra Pak® is also BPA free.

How recyclable is Tetra Pak®

Tetra Pak® cartons are collected by 92% of councils in the UK for recycling. For those areas where councils don't offer roadside recycling, there is the option to take the packaging to co-operatives in certain areas of the country.  Tetra Pak® has invested heavily in recycling plants in the UK and continue to do so.

What are cartons made from?

Tetra Pak® cartons are made from FSC certified paperboard, as well as thin layers of aluminium and polyethylene. The most common Tetra Pak carton is 74% paper, 22% polyethylene and 4% aluminium. On average, cartons contain 73% paperboard.

Why do the cartons need aluminium and polyethylene layers?

The aluminium foil layer protects the product from light, oxygen, aroma and product loss, which enables the contents to last for months without preservatives or refrigeration. The polyethylene acts as a water-tight barrier.

What other environmental impacts does Tetra Pak® have?

Shape and weight gives transport efficiency meaning less lorries on the road.  In addition to this the cartons are made from sustainably-sourced renewable materials.

What makes Feel Good unique?

Naturediet is the only UK manufacturer Tetra Pak®. Whilst other dog food companies may use the packaging, these are produced abroad and shipped to the UK.
In being manufactured in the UK, we are supporting our company ethos and reducing our carbon footprint.
We are the only dog food manufacturer selling Tetra Pak® in 390g whilst other companies that use the same packaging only sell 375g.
Our wet foods are made in Norfolk, and we proactively source from local suppliers. Over 40% of our ingredients come from the Norfolk and Suffolk area where our factory is based, therefore reducing the road miles of the raw materials used in production. 

How do I store Naturediet?

Unopened Naturediet packs of wet food need only to be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
Our products have a guaranteed shelf life of 15 months from date of manufacture.
Once opened, any unused product can be covered and refrigerated for 48 hours.
You can also freeze any unused, open packs to prevent wastage but please be sure to defrost thoroughly before feeding. As with other foods, freezing can result in a slight change to consistency, generally losing its firmness on defrosting, though this should not affect palatability.
Dry food, as the name suggests is dry and therefore once opened is suitable to store again in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.