Naturediet Dry Food

Our dry food has been developed as a natural food with all high quality ingredients and like our wet food with no artificial additives, colourings, flavour enhancers or preservatives.

We use a minimum of 55% freshly prepared meat. We do not use poultry meal which can include any variations of poultry, not just the one on the label, nor meat meal which may include lamb, pork or beef.

We only use the meat from the flavour of the product, i.e Chicken only contains chicken, Chicken & Lamb only contains chicken & lamb, etc. We also do not use meat or animal derivatives or derivatives of vegetable origin.
We do not use corn or corn meal to boost protein levels, our protein comes from the fresh meat and vegetables. All our products are highly digestible, have a high biological value and high nutritional value.
Historically we have never produced dry food as we do not believe in adding meat meal into our recipes, but we are pleased we are now able to produce a dry food using only freshly prepared meat.
Our products are based on holistic principles, treating the whole rather than the symptom, thus we continue with our theme of no wheat, gluten, corn, barley or other ingredients which have low biological value to the dog.

Our aim us to produce a high quality, natural and complete dry food to complement our wet food or to be fed on it’s own.

Naturediet Dry Dog Food