Less Adoptable Pet Week

Posted 20/09/2018

'Less Adoptable Pet Week'

95% of surveyed rescue centres across the country currently have dogs they would define as ‘hard to adopt’. These dogs are generally made up of senior dogs, dogs that require more training and dogs that are deaf or blind.

There are many advantages to adopting dogs from these categories and we are here to tell you why!

Adopting a senior dog does have its advantages; they have manners, they are less destructive than younger dogs and their appearance, behaviour and health are already established. Also, unlike the known saying, older dogs can learn new tricks, habits and commands! Older dogs show more of an understanding what you have done for them, they return your kindness with love and devotion. Senior dogs are fantastic company for older citizens as they are not as active and therefore do not require as much exercise as a younger dog would. They also have a very relaxed, calm energy that reflects on their owners.

Choosing to adopt a deaf or blind dog may seem daunting and is a very big decision as you must be able to commit to the needs of a dog in their situation. However, there are so many benefits when taking on a deaf or blind dog. Deaf dogs are not sound sensitive, they give you the opportunity to widen your training skills and they are incredibly loyal as they will look to you as their guide. Blind dogs learn very quickly and therefore can still enjoy everyday activities. They are extremely loyal and will bond with you very quickly, however they are just as independent as sighted dogs!

Adopting a dog that requires further training is not for everyone, however if you are someone who has a passion for learning, these dogs are definitely for you! Attending weekly courses with your dog will not only socialise and train your dog, you will also learn a great deal from them too. You can learn about your dog’s habits and behavioural triggers which you can then support your dog with whilst training. These dogs are generally breeds that are higher energy such as; Huskies, Border Collies, Spaniels and Dalmatians. These are also popular breeds of puppies, and in some cases their training at that important age bracket can be lost and therefore they are put up for adoption.

Adopting any animal is an amazing thing to do! But these dogs deserve more than living their lives out in a shelter.

If you have any stories of your own, please share them with us!

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