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How are we different?

Posted on 16/11/2016

Naturediet menus are produced using only the highest quality natural meats or fishThe meat or fish content is provided from freshly prepared meat or fish which is highly di...

Service Animals - Remembrance Day

Posted on 11/11/2016

Lest we Forget!After reading on line to find out about the brave animals that served with our soldiers we thought we would share the below with you to highlight and remember...

Award Winners!

Posted on 07/11/2016

PET INDUSTRY FEDERATION MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR 2016 2nd November 2016On 1st November 2016, Naturediet Pet Foods Ltd was announced as a Winner of Pet Food Manufacture...

Time for a Treat?

Posted on 25/10/2016

We were asked so many times, “why don’t you make a treat which is as good as Naturediet wet food”?So we did... and after two months of sales we are pleased to say that they...

The importance of exercising your dog

Posted on 17/10/2016

As with people it is vital your dog receives daily exercise which will help to prevent obesity. Regular exercise can also provide mental stimulation, and can assist with a b...

Naturediet sponsors FAITH

Posted on 26/09/2016

At Naturediet we believe every animal deserves a caring and loving environment, and at FAITH they provide this while the animals in their care wait to find a loving family....

Naturediet is a natural diet, with limited ingredient recipes. It is ideal for any breed, age, size or shape dog, especially for those who have allergies or sensitive tummies. You can find more about our ingredients here

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