Our Beliefs

Our Ethos

We believe that dogs should be fed a wholesome diet, that’s rich in natural nutrition from real food ingredients, and not one that is highly processed.

Our wet food meals are all gently steam cooked in their packs to retain the natural goodness and contain absolutely no preservatives and artificial additives.

Only the finest quality ingredients from local British suppliers are used to make our nutritionally balanced and appetising meals for dogs

Clear Labelling & Honest Ingredients

You will never find in any of our foods meat or animal derivatives nor derivatives of vegetable origin. We use high quality, fresh human grade ingredients and are proud to list exactly what goes into our meals on the pack.

The meats and fish we use within our recipes are the only source of protein added, you will never find other meats or hidden nasties in our foods. If they’re not on the label then they’re not in it!


The actual meaning of hypoallergenic is "less allergenic" rather than the misconception that it is allergen free.

A hypoallergenic approach to feeding your dog is generally limiting the number of ingredients in the food and therefore reducing the risk of feeding foods which may cause sensitivities or allergic reactions.

Naturediet foods are made to simple healthy recipes, using a limited number of ingredients which are low in common allergens. All our foods are wheat gluten free and easily digestible.

We offer a selection of single protein meals which are ideal for dogs on elimination diets or allergic to certain meats.

The Holistic Approach

The food you provide your dog is critical to his or her wellbeing. Nourishing your dog from the inside will have a positive effect on the outside.

We develop our natural foods with holistic principles and an approach which believes in treating the whole rather than the symptoms.

For instance, a skin problem or digestive upsets such as diarrhoea and vomiting may be caused by sensitivity to a chemical additive in food.

It therefore makes sense to start by addressing the problem by excluding foods which contain unclear and unnatural ingredients. You’ll be amazed at how a natural diet can improve digestive issues, skin allergies and overall wellbeing.