Sourcing, Welfare & Sustainability

At Naturediet we pride ourselves on producing a completely natural product, which is why it is important that our ingredients are sourced from local companies with the same ethical values as us.

We are an environmentally conscious company that take active steps to reduce impact and our carbon footprint.


We’re very picky when it comes to sourcing ingredients for our products. We only ever source ingredients from British suppliers and wherever possible we try to source produce locally from the Norfolk area where we’re based.

  • 40% of our ingredients are sourced from suppliers in Norfolk & Suffolk who, like Naturediet, are audited by AVHLA and Defra approved.
  • Our rice is sourced from a company based in Suffolk who have been trading since 1974. They sort and screen the product before sending to us, to ensure we receive only the finest quality ingredients. They are fully approved by the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).
  • Our vegetables are locally gown and supplied to us from a farming business down the road in Watton, Norfolk. They are part of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and hold organic accreditation.


As a business that aims to improve the lives of animals through nutrition, it’s only natural that we care deeply about animal welfare.

  • The meat we use within our recipes is responsibly sourced from ethical suppliers and traceable.
  • If we are unable to ethically source meat or fish then we will not produce a specific variety of product – we recently discontinued our rabbit meal for this very reason.


We’re always trying to reduce our carbon footprint and make changes that will positively impact the environment.

  • Our food is manufactured by us in Norfolk, not overseas, and we use local suppliers to reduce road miles and harmful gas emissions.
  • Our factory is geared to saving energy by recycling water and heat during our production and we also use energy saving electrical fittings.
  • Our packaging is recyclable and we minimise waste by only having one layer of packaging. It’s therefore quite a challenge to fit all our information, benefits and conform to labelling regulations, with the limited space of only the top film! Our front of packs might look a little busy but it’s for the benefit of the environment!
  • We include not only the best before date on our packaging but also the date and time that every pack of food was produced ensuring even better traceability of every single pack.