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Naturediet strives to keep our customers informed of any changes or developments that are happening at our factory. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for Naturediet with a substantial amount of production development and changes within the Company.

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Naturediet has a menu to suit every dog, ranging from puppies to senior dogs and those with special needs, which you can order online today.

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Naturediet are proud of the food we manufacture and we always appreciate receiving comments from our customers

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  • I have very recently moved over to your brand after doing a lot of research online and I have to say I am so impressed ! I have a five year old Cocker Spaniel and six month old Cockapoo, they have been on a natural kibble for the last few months and just were not enjoying meal times at all, the spaniel would eat eventually when she knew nothing else was coming but the pup could rarely be tempted, from their first meal of Naturediet I can literally see my face in their food bowls they are that shiny !! They both love raw vegetables so I am supplementing with that and have adjusted the feeding guide to take that in to account. Read More...

    Angela Whiteley

  • I just wanted to thank you so much for producing such a wonderful food. We have an English Setter who ‘found’ us after being thrown out by the French Chasse, probably because he has hip dysplasia. He has also been suffering from diarrhoea ever since he arrived. I have tried everything with no success – until I bought some Naturediet from Zooplus.... Not only does he love it – clean even sparkling plate (and he is a fussy eater) but no diarrhoea! He is a very happy young dog (just over a year old) and we are very happy guardians. I would thoroughly recommend this food to anyone, poor Harry has been with us for four months now and has been suffering all that time – and probably all his life - so this is just wonderful. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work.

    Claire and Harry

  • I would like to say a massive thank-you for your nature diet range. I have a rescued american bulldog bitch who is around 7 yrs old. I have struggled with her diet for sometime. She also has hip dyslasia due to being overbred before she was rescued. She is a changed dog now. So happy, so full of beans and has lost weight as other diets meant she put weight on fast. I can control her weight so ...much bettter now. The product is easily digestible and dosen't cause any upset stomachs which she use to suffer from. I feel the price of your range is outstanding and it is so easy to store and dosen't have a nasty smell either! Thanks, from a very happy customer Miss Claire Brader

    Claire Braden

  • Thank you again, your food has saved Alfie. He was 14 months old when I got him and very skinny and wouldn't eat because he knew food gave him colitis. It took me 12 months to get it into Alfie's head that if he ate he wouldn't get colitis with good food like nature diet. He's a different dog now :)

    Julie & Alfie Dog

  • I have been feeding my westie with naturediet since he was weaned he has recently suffered a bad bought of gastroenteritis he used to have the chicken diet,it has been suggested that he may have developed an intolerance towards chicken' therefore I have now changed him to the lamb diet,thank fully he's settled on that' as I wouldn't want to change from nature diet' I've read a lot about dog food, and your company comes out the best' I've also found your fact sheets very informative and helpful . thank you'. Karen.


  • I hope you don't mind me emailing you to tell you how pleased we are with your dog food which our dog has been eating for around 18 months now. Before we started feeding it to her we had ...tried almost all of the major brands, all had given her stomach upsets and trouble with her anal glands, she had a doggy kind of smell and we were constantly treating her for ear infections. Since we started feeding her naturediet we have noticed, she lost her doggy smell, her ears are infection free, and her tummy is very rarely upset, she does get the odd upset stomach but perhaps only every six months and probably due to her greediness and willingness to eat anything she finds. we never need to worry about her anal glands and she has a fantastic shine. Everyone comments on how healthy she looks and I always tell them what I have just told you.

    Lilly the Sniffer

  • Just received the letter confirming the complimentary puppy food that has been dispatched - and wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! Our other dog has been on Nature Diet since he was 8 weeks and he is now 6 1/2 and he loves it!! especially t...he Lamb flavour. Your company has been invaluable in providing the best possible nutrition for our dogs and this is very generous of you. The dogs thank you also

    Stuart, Colin & Kumar

  • Hi Emma Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the samples I received this morning. I have given Alfie a couple of small chunks and so far so good he loved it. I will now introduce it slowly into his diet. He is an extremely fussy eater so the fact that he tucked into this is all credit to how tasty you make it. Thanks again for the samples it has saved me from what could have been an expensive mistake. On this occasion however, you have gained yourself a new customer! I go on a cocker spaniel forum and have been on there and praised your company. Incidentally I got your name from several posts on this site. Best regards Margaret Parker

    Margaret Parker