The Naturediet team, along with their dogs, are on a mission to educate owners across the globe about how one simple change will make a big difference. Here is how you can help…

By choosing to switch to a dog food which is in a carton AND is still tasty and gently steam-cooked, you will be helping our dogs to achieve their goal one carton at a time.

Naturediet's mission and values
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It is estimated that over 8.8 billion pet food pouches end up in UK landfill every year, with this in mind we chose packaging which is recyclable.

We have applied an environmentally conscious approach to production and sourcing for the last 40 years but in 2018 we took this one step further; becoming the first British dog food manufacturer to produce wet food in recyclable cartons and to provide an eco-friendly alternative to cans, plastic trays, pouches and single-use packaging.

Our recyclable carton packaging is 71% plant based – meaning our packs contain 71% more renewable materials than a pouch and 68% more than a can!

Each meal your dog enjoys, comes from packaging which is primarily made of FSC certified paperboard from a renewable source. Each carton is also smaller and more compact than trays and cans, meaning less lorries on the road! Therefore contributing to a smaller carbon footprint – and pawprint!


Naturediet wet dog food recipes are carefully crafted typically using only 3-4 key simple, natural ingredients that are easy for dogs to digest and absorb. We use only 100% natural ingredients which are kind to sensitive tummies and rich in nutrients to provide a complete and balanced diet that your dog will love.

With British sourced ingredients for quality, freshness and to keep our food miles as low as possible.

Tetra Pak® cartons also lock in all the goodness of the fresh ingredients we use. This widely recyclable packaging also keep the ingredients inside fresh, ensuring our recipes stay irresistible to our four-legged friends!

Only the best ingredients make it into our wet dog food
Our state of the art factory


Naturediet is committed to being environmentally friendly, and our factory is a reflection of that commitment. In 2018, we won the Pet Industry Federation Sustainability Award for our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

Our factory uses Calor LPG to fuel our manufacturing operations, which is a cleaner and more efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuels. We also continue to make improvements to our processes and operations to reduce our energy consumption and waste production.

We are proud to be a leader in sustainable pet food production, and we are committed to doing our part to protect the planet for future generations.


Cartons are recyclable and recycled cartons can be remade into new products like roofing tiles, toilet roll inner tubes and much more.

Tetra Pak® cartons are recycled at a specialist facility in the UK, reducing landfill waste and preventing further contribution to a plastic pandemic!

Tetra Pak® cartons are recycled at a specialist facility in the UK, and over 90% of UK councils now collect them, either from the roadside or from recycling centres.

Find out where you can recycle your cartons here:


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