Delicious food that is complete and nutritionally balanced. Limited ingredient natural dog food recipes with real whole food produce, locally sourced and made in Norfolk.

Gently steam cooked to retain the goodness.

Packed in innovative carton packs that keep the food inside fresher for longer.

Honest Labelling

Means nothing but the best

locally sourced

Ingredients sourced as locally as possible to our Norfolk Factory

superfoods and seaweed for dogs

Essential vitamins and minerals for the perfect balanced diet

salmon dog food

High quality, fresh, human-grade ingredients

recyclable packaging

Environmentally kind, recyclable packaging

chicken dog food

Single protein wet foods

can dogs eat carrots

With natural ingredients and added vitamins and minerals

The Ingredients



Vitamins & Minerals


British sourced produce with low food miles.

chicken dog food


Naturally high in protein and low in fat

lamb in dog food


High quality protein full of vitamins and minerals

turkey dog food


Tasty lean meat, low in saturated fats. Also high in zinc, selenium, B Vitamins and protein

Fish for dogs

White Fish

Filled with natural oils promoting healthy skin and coats

salmon dog food


Full of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a healthy heart and skin

British sourced produce with low food miles.

can dogs eat carrots


Low calorie, but rich in Vitamin A and high in fibre

parsnip in dog food


Great source of Vitamins B6, C, E and K as well as Magnesium and dietary fibre

white potato


Contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium and Manganese. Great for energy!

superfoods and seaweed for dogs


Packed full of up to 12 vitamins, 60 minerals and 18 amino acids

British sourced produce with low food miles.

Vitamin A in dog food

Vitamin A

For healthy skin and eyes

Vitamin D in dog food

Vitamin D

For healthy bones, teeth and development

Selinium in dog food


Boosts the immune system

Iron in dog food


Strengthens the immune system and boosts energy

Copper in dog food


For strong bones

Manganese in dog food


For strong, healthy bones

Zinc in dog food


For healthy skin and overall health

British sourced produce with low food miles.

brown rice


Provides carbohydrate energy, vitamins, minerals and natural fibre

Dried egg in dog food

Dried Egg

Extra protein in our puppy meals to help them grown big and strong

What Stays Out

Naturediet is a natural diet made with limited, simple ingredients meaning we don’t include any of these in our yummy meals:

not included in our dog food

Wheat, barley & maize

Our recipes are made with sensitive tummies in mind, therefore use simple and limited ingredients.

not included in our dog food

Beet pulp

This is a by-product of the extraction of raw sugar.

not included in our dog food


Colourings are used to make the food look attractive, but dogs don’t see colours like humans – as long as it smells and tastes good, they don’t care.

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Feel Good Chicken 390g recyclable carton

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Feel Good Fish


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