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Naturediet manufactures dog food. We provide your dogs with a range of tasty, nutritional, natural foods for our pets, as we believe they deserve the best.

Once you choose Naturediet as a natural way of feeding you will soon see a difference in your pets health and happiness.

The Finest Food - Naturally!

  • Freshly prepared meats and fish
  • No artificial colourings or flavourings
  • No artificial additives or preservatives
  • Balanced nutrition

  • Highly digestible
  • Completely natural
  • Based on holistic principles
  • Gently steam cooked
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The latest news from Naturediet

Our Naturediet Dogs - Week...

20th October 2016

Now we have our complete range on the market, we are being asked by lots of you out there, “what dogs are on your packaging”? So we have decided to do a weekly announce...

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The importance of exercisin...

17th October 2016

As with people it is vital your dog receives daily exercise which will help to prevent obesity. Regular exercise can also provide mental stimulation, and can assist wit...

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Can a dog live healthily on...

13th October 2016

There are many differing opinions as to whether a dog is a carnivore or omnivore. Dogs are omnivores and cats are true carnivores. This doesn’t mean that a dog can’...

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Is it expensive to feed you...

12th October 2016

There is a misconception in pet food which is growing, that the more expensive the food the better it is. Healthy food, like in human food does not need to be expensiv...

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