A mini feature on Minnie

We always love to hear from dogs that are nourished by Naturediet – the cute and cuddly ones, the big and small ones, the adopted ones, the rescued ones, the old and the young.

We had a chat with Minnie’s owner, and this is her feature…

What breed is Minnie?

Minnie is a Chorkie.  Her mum is a Chihuahua and her dad is a Yorkshire Terrier, but she is very much Yorkie at heart.

How old is Minne?

She is nearly 5 months

What is Minnie’s favourite flavour of Naturediet?

Minnie currently has the Puppy 200g, however, she is counting down the days until she can try the big dog flavours, she tells me she is keen to try the Salmon.

Would you recommend Naturediet to friends and family?

Yes, I recommend to everyone. The vet always comments about her condition, her fabulous bright eyes and shiny teeth, plus her growth is spot on for her age.

Have you only ever fed Minnie Naturediet?

No, when she came from the breeder, she was on another brand, but didn’t get on with it particularly well. I did a lot of shopping around, and tried a few alternatives before settling with Naturediet.  She loves both the food, and the treats.

What made you choose Naturediet?

When I was looking at what I could feed Minnie, I wanted a natural dog food that was complete and balanced.  This meant natural ingredients and high meat content.  If it contained ingredients I didn’t recognise then I wouldn’t feed it to her. It really is exactly what is printed on the box: meat, rice & carrots.

If Minnie was to give us a quote, what would she say about Naturediet?

I like Naturediet puppy as it helps me grow to my full weight and provides me with everything I need from a meal, plus its extra yummy and makes me do a happy dance when I am waiting for my food to be served. Even though I have a full tummy I try to trick my hoomum and bark at my treat cupboard until she gives me a Feel Good treat. After my dinner I like to have a snooze.

Thank you!

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