Adult Dog Care & Feeding Advice

Feeding a complete and nutritionally balanced food to your dog will ensure they receive all the essential nutrients they require to thrive.

Naturediet natural dog foods are suitable for all breeds, ages, sizes and lifestyles. They are nutritionally balanced, complete meals, prepared from only the finest quality meats, fish and with the addition of rice, noted for its non-allergic properties, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Our grain free range is totally gluten free and has a higher vegetable content to provide a healthy balance of fibre. There are no artificial preservatives, fat emulsifiers, colourings or flavourings, used in the manufacturing of our foods.

All Naturediet foods are highly digestible and highly beneficial for dogs with gastrointestinal problems.

Make the switch to Naturdiet and see the difference!

Your dog’s physical condition can tell you a lot about the diet you’re feeding. When switching to Naturediet our customers are quick to notice a host of positive improvements in their dog’s general well-being and health. These include:

  • Shiny healthier coat
  • Improved skin condition
  • Increased vitality
  • Healthier weight
  • Fresher breath
  • Smaller, firmer and less odorous faeces

The Dietary Requirements of Your Dog

Dogs are natural carnivores who thrive on a diet of fresh meat. However, unlike cats who are the ultimate true carnivores, dogs have adapted through domestication to be more like an omnivore and therefore require a balance of vegetables and carbohydrates in their diet.

Here at Naturediet, we’ve created a complete natural food for domestic dogs which has a high meat content in a firm moist composition containing the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Our foods are nutritionally complete and provide a daily balanced meal for your dog, therefore no supplements or mixer need to be added unless advised by your veterinary surgeon.

Single Protein Source Diets

Generally a variety of different meats and ingredients will form a dog's diet however, where protein allergy or intolerance exists, which is generally diagnosed by your veterinary surgeon, the source of the protein should be limited.

Naturediet produces wet food recipes which contain a single source of protein:

  • Naturediet Chicken
  • Naturediet Sensitive (containing only salmon)
  • Naturediet Lamb
  • Naturediet Grain Free Chicken
  • Naturediet Grain Free Lamb

These five meals contain only one type of meat protein, even the bone content will originate from the same animal as the meat.

Naturediet products do not contain any beef or pork products and with the exception of rice, are free of all cereals and wheat gluten ingredients.

Every dog is an individual and a diet that suits one may not necessarily suit another. Therefore, one recipe may be more appropriate to an individual than other recipes.

Changing your Dogs Food

If you're transitioning your dog to our natural meals, from an alternate wet or dry food, then we recommend introducing Naturediet gradually over a 2 week period.

Mix small amounts of Naturediet into your dog's usual food, gradually increasing the amount of Naturediet and decreasing the original food, until you are feeding the recommended amount. This will give your dog’s digestive system a chance to adapt to Naturediet and is unlikely to cause upset.

Naturediet Feeding Guides for Adult Dogs

  • For Adults & Puppies
  • All Breeds & Sizes
  • Easy to Understand
  • Simple to follow
  • Wet, Dry and Combination Feeding

Frequently Asked Questions when feeding Naturediet...

Do I need to supplement the diet if feeding Naturediet?

Naturediet products are complete and balanced, with all the essential nutrients needed for health and well-being with no nutritional supplements needed unless advised by your veterinary surgeon.

Drinking water should always be available and gnawing items provided for tooth and gum hygiene.

Why is my dog drinking less water since changing to Naturediet?

Like us humans, dogs need to drink regularly so that they do not become dehydrated. The amount your dog drinks will depend on the type of food he eats.

A reduction in water consumption is therefore expected when changing to Naturediet wet foods as our foods are naturally high in moisture.

We add an amount of water during the cooking process to cook the rice included in our traditional wet food range and the higher content of vegetables in our Grain Free wet food. Our natural foods have a high content of moisture which is naturally occurring in the fresh meat and vegetables used in our recipes.

Naturediet Dry Food contains very little moisture, 8.5% versus 72% in the wet food. Therefore your dog will drink a higher intake of water if on this diet, to maintain hydration. If feeding a combination of wet and dry food, the amount of water intake will be less than required for dry only feeding.

If water intake needs increasing for any reason, try offering various types of water to establish preference. Tap water, depending on your locality can be highly treated with minerals such as chlorine and this is detectable by dogs and can be a deterrent to free drinking.

Untreated rain or distilled water can be more tempting (many dogs prefer puddles after all) as can running water which makes the minerals less detectable.

Do NOT use bottled water as these can be fortified and naturally hold excess salts and minerals.

Can I give my dog milk products?

All mammals are born with the ability to digest and utilise the energy provided by their mother’s milk, as they produce a digestive enzyme called lactase; this breaks down the milk sugar lactose which would otherwise pass intact to the bowel.

However, mammals only feed from their mother for a short period of time and lactase production is therefore limited to the first months of life and once weaned is no longer made available during digestion. Many animals therefore become naturally intolerant of milk products as they mature.

If milk has remained a constant part of the diet since birth, then lactase production may continue into adulthood and if milk is deemed desirable within the diet we recommend the use of goat/sheep yoghurt as opposed to cow’s milk.

Goat/sheep’s milk is naturally homogenised which means the fat molecules are equally dispersed throughout the liquid, unlike cow’s milk whose fat coagulates, forming a distinct layer. The fat molecules are also smaller in goat/sheep products and thereby easier to digest.

Do dogs need to be given biscuits for their teeth?

It’s an age old myth that dogs need to be fed kibble biscuits as a way of keeping their teeth clean, but habits are often difficult to break which is why we developed a dry food range for customers who wanted to continue feeding a bit of crunch for dental hygiene. Naturediet dry food is manufactured using the same principles as the wet food and only natural ingredients are used.

Teeth and gum health may be improved by the provision of gnawing items like raw vegetables. These encourage the dog to use its natural gnawing instinct to clean the teeth and gums thereby reducing tartar build up and tooth decay.

Naturediet is a complete meal containing meat, rice and vegetables and therefore requires no additional supplements for the dog to receive all the essential nutrients required for a healthy life. Naturediet is a moist food with a firm consistency and unlikely to stick to teeth and gums, whereas many pet foods contain high levels of carbohydrate and sugars which can encourage bacteria and decay as dog saliva does not break down these components.

How much do I need to feed of Naturediet Wet or Dry Food?

Adult Feeding Guide: Naturediet Wet & Dry Food Meals

Follow the below daily guidelines for adult weight maintenance and a healthy balanced diet. It is safe to adjust these to ensure your dog maintains a healthy weight. You may wish to feed more or less depending on how active your dog is.

Adult Feeding Guides: Wet or Dry Food

How much of Naturediet Dry food do I need to feed in addition to wet food?

Adult Feeding Guide: Naturediet Dry Food Meals

Follow the below daily guidelines if feeding our wet & dry food combined. These guidelines have been designed for adult weight maintenance and a healthy balanced diet.

Adult Feeding Guide: 50/50 Wet & Dry Food