Adult Dog Feeding

It is very important to feed a nutritionally balanced food to your adult dog to ensure he receives all the necessary nutrients he needs. At Naturediet we believe that feeding a natural dog food diet without the use of artificial additives, colourings or flavourings may help reduce the signs seen in dogs with adverse reactions to food.

The Naturediet product range is suitable for all pet lifestyles and requirements. They are nutritionally balanced, complete meals, prepared from only the finest quality natural meats with the addition of rice, noted for its non-allergic properties and vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Our grain free range does not include rice but has a higher vegetable content to provide the fibre with the omission of rice. There are no artificial preservatives, fat emulsifiers, colourings or flavourings, used in the manufacture of our products.

Physical Condition

A dog’s physical condition can tell you a lot about the diet you’re feeding. If your dog doesn’t receive a nutritionally balanced diet his general wellbeing may suffer. The benefits which may be initially noticed when feeding Naturediet are a shiny healthier coat, improved skin condition and more vitality. Naturediet is highly digestible which is beneficial for dogs with gastrointestinal problems. Dogs fed Naturediet will generally produce a smaller volume of faeces as it is easily digested and absorbed from the digestive system.


Dogs are natural carnivores, although not true carnivores like cats and have adapted over time through domestication to be more like an omnivore. Naturediet has produced a complete natural food with a high meat content in a firm moist composition containing the correct balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals required by your pet on a daily basis. As Naturediet is a nutritionally complete and balanced meal, no supplements or mixer need to be added unless advised by your veterinary surgeon. The food you feed your dog will be personal choice and of course be due to your dog’s preferences and tolerances. Each dog is an individual and a diet that suits one may not necessarily suit another. Therefore, one recipe may be more appropriate to an individual than other recipes. Generally a variety of different meats and ingredients will form the diet however, where protein allergy or intolerance exists, which is generally diagnosed by your veterinary surgeon, the source of the protein should be limited. Naturediet produces five recipes which contain a single source of protein: Naturediet Chicken, Naturediet Sensitive (containing only salmon), Naturediet Lamb. Naturediet Grain Free Chicken, Naturediet Grain Free Lamb. These five menus contain only one type of meat protein, even the bone content will originate from the same animal as the meat. Naturediet products do not contain any beef or pork products and with the exception of rice, are free of all cereals and wheat gluten ingredients.