I have an Old English Sheepdog (Bella) and she is 7.5yrs
old. As a puppy she came from the
breeder with a bag of dry food which she didn’t eat for 3 days, infact she ate
nothing for 3 days – very worrying.

Eventually she did eat but was a ‘reluctant eater’ which after owning German Shepherds
(normally in pairs) was a new thing on me!
I took my OES puppy to classes and in the very first class the trainer
went around the group asking what food we were using – she said throw away the
dried rubbish and buy Naturediet. So
that weekend I investigated further and duly bought Naturediet and she has never had anything
other than Naturediet.

She is the same
healthy weight now as she was at 18 months, the Vet has always said she is in
really good shape and even her teeth benefit as she doesn’t need mixer biscuits
but does have a few small gravy bones as treats when out walking. I love how it is easy to transport – just put
a couple of packs in the car with a bowl and knife and away we go for the
day/weekend. She knows which cupboard in
the kitchen they are in and she sits looking at it in the morning and evening
at her ‘dinner’ times. She has very
rarely had ‘human’ food and never from our plates so doesn’t bother us for food
and doesn’t ask for food in-between her meals.
She started on the Puppy pack at the recommended amounts and then
migrated to Rabbit and Turkey 2 x a day (now chicken and turkey or sometimes
sensitive fish packs.) I like that she
is having quality food and that the waste that comes out is minuscule. OES are prone to sensitive tummies and
Naturediet just agrees with her virtually all the time. On the odd occasion when she is ill then she
would be on scrambled egg for a meal and back to Naturediet for the next meal.

I can honestly say that I have recommended
Naturediet many times over, even stood in the pet shop buying mine and someone
stood next to me considering other brands and I have told them “don’t do
it!”. I do feel that my OES needs
the extra protein in the adult pack, but could do with the joint aid
supplements of the mature pack, so I compromised and for the last 2 years have
added Joint Aid to the regular adult pack- she is as sprightly as she was at
4 years old!

My dog loves it and I wouldn’t feed her
anything else!