Chorizo's story

It’s always great to hear a success story, especially when Naturediet has really helped a dog that has been unwell.  Chorizo is a 9 year old Dachshund cross Jack Russell.  He suffers from Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and has had a number of Pancreatitis flare ups.

This is from Chorizo’s owner, Lottie:

How did you hear about Naturediet? I was looking for a food that was high in fibre as Chorizo was having anal gland issues.  I searched in various pet shops, and came across Naturediet.

Which Naturediet products do you currently feed? Chorizo is currently enjoying Feel Good Fish for his daily meals.

Why did you choose Naturediet? I liked that there were no fillers and that the fibre content was high.  When I began my search for a suitable food, the vets wanted to investigate Chorizo’s IBD using invasive techniques – we didn’t want that for him as we didn’t feel that there would be much benefit. Chorizo has had multiple pancreatitis flare ups, and is overweight.  Feel Good Fish is good for IBD and pancreatitis because it has a low fat content, so we could solve all the issues in one food.

What improvements have you seen?  Chorizo was always ravenous on his old food – the vet regularly tried to reduce the amount he was eating, but it wasn’t a solution. Since changing to Naturediet he has lost 4kg – he is the slimmest he has ever been and is now the perfect weight.  His Feel Good diet has also meant that he has only had 1 flare up of pancreatitis in the last 3 years – and now we know the signs, we can catch it early.  His poos are perfect 99% of the time.

Chorizo has also suffered with anal gland issues and constant yeasty ear infections.  Since we changed to Naturediet these have all disappeared too – which is amazing.  I really can’t thank Naturediet enough – he will be 10 soon, and he is like a new dog!

Chorizo recommends Feel Good Fish 200g – find out more about this delicious variety here.