Feeding Guidance

Feeding your dog a natural diet with Naturediet

We’ve carefully calculated the appropriate amounts of our deliciously natural food to feed your dog. Our guides show the correct amount to feed growing puppies and adult dogs, to maintain a healthy weight.

Created by our canine nutrition experts, our guidelines are in grams per day and based on the age and weight of your dog. Our natural wet and dry food for dogs and puppies can be fed alone or mixed together, these are detailed in separate guides below.

You may wish to increase or decrease amounts depending on your dog’s activity levels, their appetite, metabolic rate and their weight in order to achieve an ideal body condition. All dogs should be fed on an individual basis and the amounts fed altered according to the dog's weight and body condition.

Once opened our wet foods can be refrigerated and used within 48 hours. Before opening store in a cool dry place.

Always make sure that fresh drinking water is available for your dog.

Any Questions? We've provided further information and advice on feeding Naturediet in the below.

Switching to Naturediet?

If you're transitioning your dog to our natural meals, from an alternate wet or dry food, then we recommend introducing Naturediet gradually over a 2 week period.

Mix small amounts of Naturediet into your dog's usual food, gradually increasing the amount of Naturediet and decreasing the original food, until you are feeding the recommended amount. This will give your dog’s digestive system a chance to adapt to Naturediet and is unlikely to cause upset.


Puppies have small stomachs and bundles of energy, so feed several small meals a day according to the age of your puppy. By 6 months, twice daily feeding is usually sufficient.

Our Puppy-Junior wet and dry foods can be fed from 4 weeks to 12 months and are suitable for weaning by mixing with warm water or canine milk replacement formula to create a porridge-like consistency which can be lapped.

Puppies over the age of 6 months can move on to any of our adult food range for variety. We recommend to carry on feeding amounts of our higher level protein and calorie Puppy-Junior meals though until they are fully grown.

Adult Dogs

If your adult dog is of an ideal body weight then feeding a maintenance diet will keep them in tip-top shape.

Our feeding guides are based on amounts to maintain a healthy weight. We have advised below on feeding working dogs, pregnant/lactating bitches, overweight, less active and senior dogs.

Dogs who have high energy levels and metabolisms may need to be fed a higher calorie diet so monitor the weight of your dog and increase amounts if you notice an unhealthy reduction in weight.

All our adult wet and dry food meals are suitable for dogs on a maintenance diet. Please note our Fish and Senior-Lite meals are lower in calories and fat so we recommend feeding a larger portion of these foods in our guide.

​Senior Dogs

As our pets age and they become less active their calorie intake requirement reduces. Our Senior-Lite meal has been specially formulated for dogs older than 7 years and for overweight dogs to provide all the nutrients they need, but with fewer calories.

​Overweight Dogs

To facilitate returning a dog to its ideal weight, feed several small meals a day and adjust the amounts to maintain a small but steady weight loss.

Exercise is also important. Food equals calories and those which are not utilised for normal maintenance can be stored as fat reserves.

It is extremely important to avoid all biscuits, treats and tit-bits while on a weight loss programme, as treats count towards the daily food intake. If treats are needed then select vegetables like raw carrot or broccoli stems, or use small amounts of lean cuts of meat such as chicken or turkey.

Weight gain in dogs can be caused by the high carbohydrate levels in commercial and highly processed pet foods. Most commercial dog foods contain high levels of cereals due to their cheaper cost and whilst this satisfies a dog’s appetite, and they may appear healthy, carbohydrate is easily converted to sugar and fat which can be stored as an energy reserve.

Naturediet foods only contain minimal levels of carbohydrates with meat protein being the primary source of energy. Protein provides expendable energy and is used for muscle repair and development, excess protein in the diet will be eliminated rather than stored.

Improvement in muscle tone and definition is often seen just by changing to Naturediet Adult Maintenance diets.

For overweight dogs our Senior-Lite and Fish varieties are low in fat and can support weight loss.

Raw Fed Dogs

Our wet food range is ideal for dogs who are fed raw diets and require a convenient, healthy alternative when away from home (and the freezer).

Made with 60% minimum human grade meat, vegetables and healthy carbohydrates such as rice or potato, our wet food packs are filled raw and then gently steam cooked to provide a 100% natural, meaty meal.
If you’re a raw feeder planning on feeding our foods for the first time then we recommend replacing one of your dog’s raw food meals with Naturediet a week or so before going away. Our foods are also handy if you forget to defrost a meal!

​Pregnant or Lactating Bitches

Our Puppy-Junior meals are high in protein and calories to support growth and development. These meals are therefore ideal for both puppies and their mums!

As the pregnancy develops pregnant bitches require a higher intake of protein and calories. They also require this after their litter is born to sustain weight and produce essential milk.

We recommend increasing a pregnant bitches’ food intake by 25% to 50%, dependant on the number of puppies.

​Working Dogs

A working dog will naturally use up far more calories than the average pet dog.

Their energy requirements are much higher and they should be fed more than an average maintenance diet.

A mix of our wet foods and natural dry food range would make the ideal high calorie meal for working dogs. Simply up the levels as required to maintain a healthy weight for your working dog.

​Am I feeding enough or too much?

Our feeding guide is based on the recommended daily calorific values for dogs and assumes no other foods are to be fed and that the animal is average in its activities and habits.

However, all dogs, like humans, are different in their metabolism and the suggested amounts are a guide.

The actual energy requirement of your dog is dependent on many factors including: Age, sex, entire/spayed, activity level, personality (anxious or laid back), coat type (heavy and thick, short and sparse), weather (summer or winter).

Many dogs are also given treats or rewards with nutritional value and these should also be taken into account.

To prevent overfeeding and establish a suitable daily amount for your own dog, you may wish to start feeding at 20% less than stated (10% less for small breeds), observe for weight gain/loss and adjust accordingly to suit the individual dog.

​Do I need to supplement if feeding Naturediet?

Naturediet products are complete and balanced, with all the essential nutrients needed for health and well-being. There’s no need to provide your dogs with additional nutritional supplements unless advised by your veterinary surgeon.

Drinking water should always be available and gnawing items provided for dental hygiene.