Frankie goes to Naturediet.

Frankie loves Naturediet.  A 5 year old Great Dane, she is a dog that knows what she wants.

Frankie doesn’t have any health issues and she has always been lively and energetic, but with regular attacks of the bin it appeared that she wasn’t feeling full after dinner. Here is what Frankie’s owner has to say:

What made Naturediet stand out from other dog food brands? I was looking for a 100% natural complete food that was packed full of goodness and not junk. I was researching options, and came across an online forum that suggested Naturediet.  The up-to-date packaging that I can easily recycle was an added bonus. Plus it fits in the cupboard nicely!

Which varieties does Frankie like the most? We buy Feel Good Chicken, Chicken & Lamb, Fish, Salmon and occasionally she has the grain free options, just for a change.

What health benefits have you noticed? Frankie’s breath is much fresher, her coat is glossier and her teeth are sparkling white.  She is really in tip-top condition.

Any other comments? Customers Services definitely needs a mention – they are always amazing and so helpful.  Delivery has always been reliable, and as a busy mum of 3, with a menagerie of animals, I need to know that the dog’s food will arrive on time! Absolutely an A* service.