Happiness At Work Week | Working Dogs

‘International Happiness At Work Week’

This week is all about being happy at work, which made us think about working dogs! We are going to talk about the types of working dogs there are, the training they go through and also the benefits their jobs have given them. 

Agility Dogs:

We spoke our wonderful Brand Ambassador, Kay about agility and how her two Vizsla’s have benefited from the sport. 

As Viszla’s are growing more and more in popularity, some owners may not realise that this particular breed needs something to keep them focused. They are so full of life, energy and they are incredible intelligent. These talents need to be addressed to allow these fantastic dogs to meet their potential. For Erin & Moysey, Kay chose Agility.

Kay says that Vizsla’s love to run and have lots of fun. They can do this in Agility and they share this fun with Kay as they run the courses together, whether that be in competitions or training. The physical side of Agility tires them out, but through positive training and learning also feeds them mentally too, encouraging their brains to choose the correct behaviours to get rewards. 

When Moysey was younger he was quite wary of people, he would need some space and time to approach people first before they could interact with him. He lacked confidence, but through Agility he found that confidence and his loving personality blossomed. He now loves strangers admiring him and loves all the cuddles her can get!

Erin is a bouncy young girl, who loves to show off her singing skills! Agility has taught her to channel her energy into a positive. She adores Agility, and you can see that when she runs her courses. She has learnt that to be able fulfil her love of Agility, she has to settle and become focused on Kay’s instructions. 

For both of these beautiful Vizsla’s, Agility has contributed to their happy, contented lives whilst keeping them fit and healthy too.