How much should I feed my dog?

Written by: Zoe Russell, BSc (Hons)- Nutrition Officer

Every dog is different and what works for one dog may not work for another. That is why we have created an online, personalised guide for your dog. This enables you to input their own, unique information which will generate a feeding guide tailored to your dog’s individual needs. Not only will the guide provide you with a recommended feeding amount, but it will also recommend other diets that may be suitable for them too. Try it for yourself…

Is your feeding guide based on a dog’s current weight or ideal weight?

We normally suggest following our feeding guidelines for your dog’s ideal, current weight (this is the weight you want them to be right now). If you are unsure how much your dog should weigh at present, then your vet or breeder should be able to advise you.

What if my dog is spayed or neutered?

If following the feeding guidelines on the back of the carton, then we would suggest reducing the guideline amount by 10% if your dog has been spayed or neutered. However, if you are using our online guide and you have confirmed your dog has been spayed or neutered, then the guide will automatically adjust the recommended amount to accommodate this.

Useful tips:

  • Be prepared to make adjustments to their daily feed intake. Every dog is different, and guidelines are there for guidance!
  • Always weigh your dog’s food using accurate, calibrated scales.
  • Weigh your dog as regularly as you can and check their body condition score.
  • Use our online guide for a personalised feeding recommendation.

Need some advice?

Please drop our friendly nutrition team an email at and they would be more than happy to help.