Joseph and Sobrino


Dear Sir/Madame,

My five year old Samoyed is Sobrino. The name is Spanish for nephew. Our previous Sammie was Spanish. He died young of a rare disease. Sobrino is from Devon but my wife said he will be the nephew, hence the name tying all up in a bow.

He is a delight. Typical Sammie; love people, other dogs and very protective. We were out walking one day, he as usual ran off into the wood. I fell and let out a scream as hurt myself (I am 73). He came running, lay down beside me and looked left then right as if to protect me from predators.

Unusual for a Sammie, he loves agility. We go once a week and though not a Border Collie but runs through tunnels, over jumps, up the A frame and even the see-saw.

Sobrino has been on your food for a few years now. He was poisoned while out running in the fields where we live in rural England. We discovered the farmer put out poison to kill the badgers. He was at the vets on a drip for three days. The vet said there was little more he could do so I took him home and he slowly recovered.

He could no longer eat kibble; the vet said he did permanent damage to his gut. I do add a bit of steak or lamb to your pate and he is doing well.

He definitely deserves to be on one of your packages - not fish as that is the only one he doesn't like.

Regards, Joe

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