Meet our new Brand Ambassadors!

We have new Brand Ambassadors and we’d love you to meet them!

All of us here are super excited to introduce to you our newest members of Team Naturediet. We have recently welcomed Kay and her two beautiful Hungarian Vizsla’s, Erin (3 years) & Moysey (10 years) as our very own brand ambassadors. 

Here’s a little back story on Kay’s journey with Erin & Moysey.

Kay didn’t start going to Agility training classes with Moysey until he was 2 years old, with a lesson every week they began to learn together at a steady pace. With no plans to compete with Moysey in the beginning, he soon changed Kay’s mind when Moysey won 3rd place in his first unaffiliated competition! Kay soon caught the agility bug and eventually entered more and more competitions, even in Kennel Club and United Kingdom Agility. It took Moysey a little longer to earn his Warrants, but with a lot of hard work and determination Moysey earned his bronze at 6 years old, and his silver at 7. They continued competing together until Moysey turned 9 years old when he started showing signs that he wasn’t enjoying Agility as much. With only 15 points away from his Gold award, Kay entered him into his final competition at his favourite location winning 3rd place in Agility and 3rd place in Jumping. This finally earned him his Gold award! Moysey retired with the well deserved, KC registered name; Keturah Fiesta Florian, AW (GOLD). 

Erin became part of the story during this time and went through a lot of foundation training with Kay. By 18 months old, Erin was ready to compete in Kennel Club and won her very first KC Jumping by 12.5 seconds. Erin achieved her Bronze Award at 27 months old and achieved her Silver Award a week before her 3rd birthday. Erin’s KC registered name reflects this; Decoris Mother of Dragons, AW (Silver). Erin has a bit further to go before she earns her Gold Award, however she has recently won a Grade 6 Agility! 

We will be following Erin’s story and hearing a lot more about her achievements, which we can’t wait to share with you all.

Many thanks to Kay for sending us just a snippet of her history in Agility and for her continuous support to Naturediet. 


Erin & Moysey Brand Ambassadors