Myths about Tetra Pak® you probably still believe

In September 2018, we launched Feel Good; our 100% natural, nutritionally balanced dog food in Tetra Pak. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic trays, cans and pouches, our wet food and treats are now fully protected and preserved by this innovative packaging format.
But what do we really know about Tetra Pak?

Myth 1:
You cannot recycle Tetra Pak cartons in the UK.

Several years ago it was difficult to recycle any Tetra Pak products in the UK, they were not locally collected and many were put into landfill.
However in recent years 92% of local councils now collect Tetra cartons, they are then sorted in the recycling centres and sent to the UK’s main Tetra Pak plant in Halifax. The map below shows the local councils in each area that collect Tetra products.

UK Map

Myth 2 & 3:
Tetra Pak cartons are not made from recyclable materials and therefore are not down cycled.

A common misconception about Tetra Pak cartons is that they are made from materials that are non-recyclable.
The cartons are made of 6 layers; FSC certified paperboard and aluminium are protected by 4 layers of polymer. This does make the cartons different to our regular recycling materials, however it does not mean that they are non-recyclable.
The Tetra Pak cartons go through a recycling journey, starting the Re-pulping. This is a process in which the empty cartons are mixed with water and blended to separate paper fibres.
The pulp is then separated from the polymers and aluminium.
Once the pulp is dried down, it is pressed into high-quality fibre to create new recycled paper products such as the inner tube of toilet roll.
The polymers and aluminium are extracted and are then used to make a variety of new products such as; Green Roof sheets, bins and school desks.

Tetra Pak

Image rights: Tetra Pak

Myth 4:
Tetra Pak products are not used in the UK.

Tetra Pak have been operating in the UK since 1955, however not everyone is familiar with their products. Tetra produce a large variety of carton sizes, shapes and concepts.
Therefore there are many products on our shelves that are in a Tetra product, such as; chopped tomatoes, orange juice, ice lollies, milk, beans, etc.

Together with Tetra Pak, we are invested in making the future brighter and greener. Every carton contributes to a much larger picture whilst providing the highest quality, wholesome food for our Naturediet dogs.