Naturediet sponsors FAITH

Dinner was on us!

At Naturediet we believe every animal deserves a caring and loving enviroment and at FAITH they provide this while the animals in their care wait to find loving homes.
Faith Animal Rescue is a progressive animal recuse center where animal welfare comes first. They believe that the animal’s healthy and well-being are as important as their physical health.
They have a full neutering policy and a non-destruction policy and treat animals as a whole following holistic values and principles. And although a lost of their work is with cats and dogs, they also help other animals from hamsters to horses too!
FAITH help many different dogs, for many different reasons and with many different needs.
We are honoured to be helping so many dogs who have found themselves in this unfortunate situation, thrush no fault of their own.

For more information or to find out how you can help this charity please visit their Facebook page: or their website: