Naturediet to the Rescue!

Gemma was at the end of her tether regarding her English bulldog Frankie.

At Crufts 2017 we had the pleasure of meeting a lady called Gemma whose lovely English bulldog Frankie was suffering from loose stools and Gemma had tried everything.
“The first 8 months of his life caused so much upset, stress and liquid poo, and it’d been so stressful for little Frankie” she explained.
We gave Gemma some Naturediet samples to try and after lots of help, reassurance, and contact with Gemma, Frankie started to improve.
Then the day came and we received an email which said “We might nearly be at the perfect poo!” Understandably Gemma was delighted.
We are pleased to hear that Frankie is still doing well and enjoying his Naturediet, and Gemma is over the moon.
“We would love for you to share our story. We really couldn’t have done it without Carol. She was and is literally my saviour! Frankie LOVES his Naturediet foods and I am forever in Carol’s debt!”


English bulldog Frankie