Our Ingredients

Here at Naturediet we believe in producing completely natural, good quality nutritious food for your pet.
Our meals are complete and balanced and contain all the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy, happy, active life.
We use only premium ingredients which are of human grade quality and never use any artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

Our delicious recipes are carefully prepared with:

  • Freshly prepared meats and fish from British suppliers and sustainable sources
  • Wholesome vegetables grown in Norfolk where our factory is
  • Nourishing rice which is gently digested and gluten free
  • Superfoods such as seaweed for an added nutritional boost
  • Natural vitamins and minerals to ensure balanced nutrition


High quality meat sourced from animals fit for human consumption which contain essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

We only use chicken, lamb and turkey as protein sources with NO beef or pork ingredients whatsoever. High quality meat based oils provide a concentrated energy source and are essential for healthy skin and coat.

White Fish

Sustainable high quality white fish is a great source of protein.

Fish oils have natural omega 3 fatty acids which helps promote a healthy skin and coat and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Fish oils are an important part of a healthy diet.

Salmon and Salmon Oil

High quality salmon and salmon oil provides essential oils including Omega 3 & 6, a concentrated energy source and essential fatty acids. This high quality protein is great for maintenance of a shiny coat and healthy skin.


Eggs have the highest biological and nutritional value and are an easily digested source of protein. Eggs are a nutritious source of vitamins and minerals.

Brown Rice

Rice is used in preference to wheat, barley or maize, thus avoiding the possibility of wheat gluten related intolerances. Rice provides carbohydrate energy, vitamins, minerals and natural fibre.

White Rice

Rice provides carbohydrate energy, vitamins, minerals and natural fibre.


A seaweed extract with natural vitamins and minerals is used to regulate the body processes and aid in growth and repair. Seaweed helps to correct dietary insufficiencies; it can contain up to 12 vitamins, 60 minerals and 18 amino acids.


Fresh carrots provide a natural source of sugars, fibres, antioxidants and carotene.


Potatoes are naturally low in fat and salt and are an excellent source of carbohydrate. Potatoes also provide fibre for the diet which is essential to help keep the digestive system in order.


Fresh parsnips provide a natural source of minerals and an impressive range of vitamins, including vitamins B, C, E and K, as well as high levels of fibre.

Natural Ground Bone

Natural ground bone is added in small amounts to provide essential calcium and phosphorous for strong and healthy teeth and bones. The natural bone is specific to the menu, lamb contains lamb bone, fish contains fish bone, chicken contains chicken bone, all of which are ground.


Natural vitamins A, E, C and D3 are used as antioxidants to keep your pet in peak condition.

Ingredients We Exclude

Because our foods are completely natural we never include cheap food substitutes or nasty chemicals to prolong shelf life.

  • No wheat, barley, maize or soya
  • No vegetable derivatives or derivatives of vegetable origin
  • No beet pulp as fillers

  • No feather meal or unidentified meat meals
  • No meat or animal derivatives or derivatives of unknown animal origin
  • No rendered meats