Our Ingredients

Here at Naturediet we believe in producing completely natural, good quality nutritious food for your pet.
Our meals are complete and balanced and contain all the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy, happy, active life.
We use only premium grade ingredients which are of human grade quality and never use any artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

What We Include...

  • Freshly prepared meats and fish from British suppliers and sustainable sources
  • Wholesale vegetables locally grown near our factory in Norfolk
  • Nourishing rice which is gently digested and gluten free
  • Superfoods such as seaweed for an added nutritional boost
  • Natural vitamins and minerals to ensure balanced nutrition

Ingredients We Exclude

Because our foods are completely natural we never include cheap food substitutes or nasty chemicals to prolong shelf life. Our recipes are...

free from...

  • rendered meat and meat meal
  • cereals & fillers
  • wheat, barley, maize or soya

and contain no...

  • artificial additives, colouring & flavourings
  • preservatives
  • beet pulp
  • added sugars