Pauline's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I wanted to leave some feedback so you may put it on your
site if you wish. I have an 8 year old
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and an 8 month old cavalier puppy. Before we had the puppy, our lovely boy ate
dried food, well ate it when he felt like it and often we would feed him treats
as we were worried he wasn’t enjoying his dinner! He is not really fat but neither skinny either
and he has a cruciate ligament problem so doesn’t get a lot of exercise. When we brought our puppy home, the breeder
fed her on your Naturediet and of course as we couldn’t change the food for the
first few weeks as told, we continued to feed her on it. She loves it so much and our older dog would
be so interested that we bought him your senior food and I cannot tell you the
change in him and how much both dogs love it.
Their coats look shiny and healthy, they have a zest for life, the older
dog seems less in pain and runs about like a puppy and meal times see them
eating it straight down with such delight that I’m sure they could eat it all
over again! I will continue as long as I
have dogs to feed them your Naturediet and any future puppies will be fed it
also. Thank you so much it is wonderful.