Double Dinners

Top tip: Our food is good for your dog and the planet:
No Artificial Colours, Flavourings, or Preservatives
100% Natural Ingredients
British Made
Gentle Digestion
Ideal for Fussy Eaters
Recyclable Eco-Friendly Packaging
Complete Nutrition for Adult Dogs

Two of your dogs favourite recipes in one place




We're introducing Double Dinners! This is a brand-new variety pack, which features two of our best-selling Feel Good dinners.

Each box contains 12 of our healthy and delicious recipes. Each recipe is made with 100% natural ingredients and gently steam-cooked to keep all the feel-good goodness in our nutritionally complete meals.

This pack contains 6x390g Chicken & Lamb and 6x390g Chicken, so you can give your dog a variety of its favourite meals. 

It’s the perfect way to mix up your dog’s mealtimes.

Fancy a change?

Why not try our other Double Dinners pack which contains 12 x 390g meals; x6 Chicken, x6 Turkey & Chicken.


The Naturediet team, along with their dogs are on a mission to educate owners across the globe about how one simple change will make a big difference.​

​By choosing to switch to a dog food that’s tasty, gently steam cooked and arrives in a carton, you will be helping our dogs to achieve their goal one carton at a time for more information on how you're helping the planet Click Here.


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