Double Dinners

Top tip: Our food is good for your dog and the planet:
No Artificial Colours, Flavourings, or Preservatives
100% Natural Ingredients
British Made
Gentle Digestion
Ideal for Fussy Eaters
Recyclable Eco-Friendly Packaging
Complete Nutrition for Adult Dogs

Two of your dogs favourite recipes in one place.




Double Dinners contains two of your dog's favourite wet food recipes in one pack.

Discover the perfect way to mix up your dog’s mealtimes without compromising on feel-good ingredients. Each of our healthy and delicious diets are made with 100% natural ingredients, no artificial colours, no flavours, and no preservatives. As with every carton we produce, we individually steam-cook each carton to lock in all of the goodness in every single nutritionally complete diet.

This pack contains 6x390g Turkey & Chicken and 6x390g Chicken, so you can give your dog a variety of its favourite meals. 

Fancy a change?

Why not try our other Double Dinners box which contains 12 x 390g meals; x6 Chicken, x6 Lamb & Chicken.


The Naturediet team, along with their dogs are on a mission to educate owners across the globe about how one simple change will make a big difference.​

​By choosing to switch to a dog food that’s tasty, gently steam cooked and arrives in a carton, you will be helping our dogs to achieve their goal one carton at a time for more information on how you're helping the planet Click Here.


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