Service Animals – Remembrance Day

‘Lest we forget..’

As well as horses, dogs played an important role in WWII & WWII. One dog in particular soon achieved the rank of Sergeant and serves in the trenches for 18 months. He participated in a number of battles and offensives and helped to locate injured soldiers. He also warned his mean of imminent gas attacks and shell-fires. This amazing dog is also credited with detecting a German spy and assisting in his capture.
Many dogs we enlisted in the war effort on all sides, and were used as scouts, detection dogs, sentries, messengers or supply carriers. They also helped controlling the amount of vermin in the trenches.
Dogs were valuable on the front, and back home they proved to be important too. They assisted in the rescue of many civilians during the Blitz bombings.
Between 1943 and 1949, the Dickin medal was awarded a total of 54 times to animals whose bravery needed special recognition. Every animal involved in the wars deserved ti receive this award, yet the bravery of the masses could never be credited.
3 horses we among those animals acknowledged, along with 18 dogs, 1 cat and 32 carrier pigeons.