The importance of exercising your dog

As with people it is vital your dog receives daily exercise which will help to prevent obesity.

Regular exercise can also provide mental stimulation, and can assist with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Your dog should go out for a walk at least once a day, but ideally twice a day and free running off the lead (if safe to do so) will increase the energy your dog uses.

However the breed of dog you have will determine how long and how vigorous your walks should be. Also take into consideration their fitness levels and age. Senior dogs will require less exercise.

If your dog is fed too much and has little exercise he will put on weight. Studies have shown that there are recognised health benefits in walking your dog.

Walking can also help dogs to socialise with other dogs, they will enjoy seeing new sights and smelling new aromas, it may also alleviate boredom and reduce destructive behaviour. You can also find fun ways to play with your dog in the garden to help increase his exercise as well as taking him/her out for more/longer walks. It is however, very important that your dog is examined by a veterinary surgeon prior to increasing your dog’s exercise, especially if he/she is overweight.

If you like to reward your dog when out walking, then Naturediet treats are ideal as they are a delicious semi-moist treats that do not contain any artificial colourings or flavours. Please remember that consideration should be given to any treats added to the daily feed which may result in additional calories above the recommended level.