What makes a premium food premium?

It’s January.  That usually means New Year resolutions of better eating, less drinking (alcohol), more exercise and making those lifestyle changes we really should have done years ago.

But how about for our dogs?  What promises can we make to them to help them improve their health for 2019?

Thinking about the food that we feed them would be a positive step. Feeding a premium quality food will give our furry friends a healthier weight, a shiny and healthy coat, balanced energy levels, cleaner teeth, fresher breath, improved digestion, firmer stools, and a better appetite.  Premium quality food can also reduce allergies, itchiness and can give fewer intolerances.

What makes a premium dog food premium?

In all of the Naturediet recipes we only use the best ingredients possible. All are sourced from the UK and are human grade quality. We do not use chemicals, artificial preservatives, colourants or flavourings. All our ranges have a high, pure meat or fish content, all freshly prepared. A higher meat content means more quality protein, essential fatty acids, and general goodness.

We are honest and care about what goes into our foods. Read the labels and see for yourself!

We don’t use broth or stock to boost our protein levels, nor do we use fillers of bulking agents. And all our meals are complete. That means we have added all the essential vitamins and minerals that a dog requires for a healthy balanced diet.

We also think about our environment, and our new packaging proactively reduces our carbon footprint – and won us the Sustainability Award at the 2018 Pet Federation Industry awards! Tetra Pak is widely recyclable, made of FSC certified paperboard, and only has 1 piece of packaging making it small and compact.  We are the only dog food manufacturer that produces food in this packaging at 390g – and we will soon be launching our new 200g range of Feel Good.  Perfect for smaller breeds!.

For more information on our wet dog food ranges, see: https://www.naturediet.co.uk

What makes a premium food premium