What’s in our Feel Good Fish

Written by Zoe Russell, BSc (Hons)  

Nutrition Officer

The Naturediet Feel Good Fish is a popular diet within our range, with many waggy tails and empty bowls to show for it. If you haven’t already tried this diet, there are many reasons why you may want to consider it, so here’s our top eight reasons!

1. Low fat

The Naturediet Feel Good Fish is one of the lowest fat wet diets on the market at just 2%*. This makes it a suitable option for dogs who are less active, or who need support keeping the weight off, or those with health needs that require lower fat in their diet. However please note that this is not a prescription diet, so we would always suggest speaking with your vet in the first instance.

Bella the beagle weight lost plan
Bella the Beagle uses Feel Good Fish to help control her weight

2. Low calorie

With the Feel Good Fish being a lower fat option, it also means it’s a lower calorie option. In fact, it’s the lowest calorie wet food in our range at 70 kcal/100g. This makes it the ideal choice if your dog loves wet food but needs a more calorie-controlled diet.

3. Simple recipe

Our recipe uses very limited ingredients, making it the ideal choice for dogs with dietary sensitivities. Using only fish, rice, potato and seaweed, it is the perfect choice for sensitive tummies. However, don’t be fooled by our minimalist recipe, as it is still a balanced and complete diet meaning it provides all the nutrients an adult dog needs, without needing additional supplementation.

4. No wheat, beef, chicken or dairy

When it comes to food intolerances, some evidence suggests wheat, beef, chicken and dairy are the most common allergens. Therefore, this diet is formulated without any of these ingredients and instead utilises fish as the main protein source. This is the ideal choice if your dog can’t tolerate other meat types, or you were looking for a novel protein source for them.

5. Lower purine

In general, ingredients such as red meat, offal and yeast products are high in purine. For some breeds they have a genetic issue where purine is not broken down properly, or other health conditions where purine management is important. Our Feel Good Fish recipe is formulated without red meat, offal and yeast products, so may be lower purine than some of our other varieties. However, it is of course not a prescription diet, so we would suggest speaking with your vet first.

Our Tetra cartons infographic

6. Sustainable packaging

Our Tetra packs are a more sustainable alternative to more outdated alternatives like single-use, plastic pouches and trays. Simple squeeze, tear and serve, then wash out the carton and recycle. This is just another way we can reduce our environmental pawprint. To see where you can recycle Click Here.

7. Made by us, here in the UK

At Naturediet we make all our own wet food and the Feel Good Fish is no exception! We make it at our own site in Ickburgh, Norfolk, so we know exactly what goes into our food. It also means we choose only the best ingredients, sourced from local suppliers.

8. Locally, ethically sourced ingredients

The White Fish used in our recipe is farmed on the coast of Scotland, while our supplier is registered with Global Standard for Responsible Supply of Marine Ingredients. Furthermore, the carrot and potato we use is from a farm 11 miles away from our site!

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If you need any more nutritional advice or information, please don’t hesitate to give our nutrition team a call on 01362 822 320 or email us at nutrition@naturediet.co.uk.

*by formulation