Grooming series. Keeping cool – feet

With the weather warming up, caring for your dog’s coat is essential when access to the groomers is not necessarily possible.

Our colleague Lisa, a professional groomer, has given these handy hints on how to care for your dog over the following weeks. This is the first in a collection of grooming blog posts aimed to advise and assist, rather than replace your regular trips to your groomer.

Keeping cool – feet

Feet are a great way of keeping dogs cool

By carefully removing excess hair you will help prevent overheating, sore feet and reduce the chance of grass seeds getting embedded.

To trim your dog’s feet, use a pair of sharp, rounded end scissors. If possible, use a table covered with an old dog towel and keep the dog as relaxed as possible – even if this involves more than one person.  Think about a distraction such as some treats and offer gentle encouragement for being well behaved.

Don’t rush and think about doing some little and often.  Remember groomers are trained and qualified, they do this every day with a number of dogs.  Consider doing one foot taking a break, and then repeat.

To trim, hold foot in one hand as shown in the images then slowly cut over grown hair from underneath, a little at a time.

On front of foot, brush hair upwards, face scissors downwards, with foot on a flat surface, then remove a little hair at a time repeat by brushing hair upwards and scissoring extra off.

If in doubt, contact your regular groomer for advice.

Photo credit – Instagram – olivier_rhodesian_ridgeback